The class action encourages the Compton Unified School District to implement school-wide trauma-sensitive practices. Trauma-sensitive practices generally include:


  • Training and ongoing coaching of educators to recognize, understand, and proactively address the effects of complex trauma

  • Consistent mental health support to appropriately meet diverse student needs; and

  • School discipline approaches that focus on preventing classroom disruptions and reducing suspension rates while holding students accountable for their conduct.


Importantly, school-wide trauma-sensitive practices must target the entire school environment. No single intervention is sufficient to provide the support that students suffering from the effects of trauma need.


Among experts, there is widespread consensus that trauma-sensitive school practices help children recover from the effects of trauma and succeed in school. The effectiveness of these practices has been proven in several academic studies. Research shows that students who received trauma intervention received higher grades and experienced fewer behavioral problems than children who did not. Also, suspension rates at schools implementing trauma-informed practices frequently drop sharply.[e.g. UCSF HEARTS Program ]

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